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    Gardening 2018 Year In Review

    2018 was my first year at being more involved with growing and harvesting my own fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Having no previous experience, the learning curve was pretty daunting. However, my thirst to experience and learn more, especially from my mistakes, continually keeps me enthusiastic to apply those lessons to our next growing season in 2019.

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    7 Quick Tips To Save Big During The Holiday Season

    The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means time spent with loved ones, trips, gifts, and over-indulging in food and drink! However, the holidays also marks a time of increased financial stress for some people. Fear not! Below are a list of 7 quick tips to help you save big time this holiday season, and help you start the new year off right with a few bucks in your pocket!

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    Getting into vermiculture and vermicompost, I started thinking more about reducing my carbon footprint by reducing food scraps, paper, and cardboard waste. Shredding mail, newspaper, and cardboard was great bedding and food for my worms. Coffee grounds and egg shells are also greatly beneficial, which led me to start thinking… what else could I utilize to minimize waste, and reincorporate into the ecology of my life, instead of chucking into a landfill.

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    How To Make: Overnight Oats

    Overnight oats is a great breakfast alternative for someone who loves oatmeal, but may not want to cook in the morning. This treat is extremely easy to prepare, and after throwing in the fridge to chill for 6-8 hours, is available to grab and eat. Since I was first turned on to overnight oats, it has become a simple, healthy staple in my diet. I’d love to share with you my favorite way of preparing this easy and delicious meal, and encourage you to get creative!

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    The Journey (So Far) To Being Debt Free and Financial Freedom

    Financial freedom is a term that has become quite popular in financial circles in recent time. Of course, the idea isn’t a new one, but the popularity of the movement is catching FIRE! The idea of being completely free from the shackles of debt, and having the financial independence to do whatever you want with your life is a very appealing proposition — especially today when our national debt and borrowing are completely out of control.

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    How To Make: A Ginger Bug

    Wild fermented drinks are fantastic! I stopped drinking soda (or pop) long ago in my quest to eat and live better, but we all love drinking fizzy drinks. Fermented drinks are a great source of probiotics and beneficial bacteria, as well being a fantastic alternative to ultra-processed, artificially sweetened drinks commercially available. If you love fizzy drinks, have an interest in saving money by making your own healthy alternatives, and are a fan of Ginger….. you’re in luck today! A Ginger Bug is basically a culture of active yeast, cultivated by using natural yeasts within the root...

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    In my pursuit of being more self-sustainable, and growing my own food, I ultimately stumbled upon the magic of worm poop (more commonly referred to as worm castings). This magical panacea for our sprouting and established plants alike is a fantastic alternative for people who do not have neither the inclination to buy composted manure, nor like the smell.

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    The Garden Dude: An Introduction

    Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for visiting! I am excited to start this blog and document my first steps into the world of homesteading and self-sustainability! I wanted to start this blog with a quick introduction about me, and how I fell into all of this! I’m originally from the greater NYC metro area, born and raised for the first 29 years of my life. In that time I had ZERO experience with gardening, outside of digging for bugs in my grandparent’s garden as a kid.